Ylvis, the Norwegian music/comedy duo, recently revealed the secret of the fox to more than a hundred and twenty-three million viewers on YouTube (as of this posting), answering the vexing question: What does the fox say?

Not surprisingly, given this wide-spread attention, an individual apparently unconnected to Ylvis already has filed an intent-to-use trademark

— Karen Brennan, Attorney

Earlier this week, while walking through the sky-way in downtown Minneapolis, I saw three people dressed in neon green bodysuits from head to toe. The green men were just milling around with people in line to catch a bus during the evening rush hour. I automatically thought it was a viral

So what is viral marketing? The simple answer is: a marketing strategy that encourages people to pass along a marketing message. Some will argue it’s a fancy word for word-of-mouth marketing. Others insist it has to take place online—through blogs, Twitter and such. But no matter how you define it, the beauty of a well thought out and executed