Guest Blogger Anthony Shore of Operative Words, recently wrote about the naming pendulum swinging away from arbitrary names and back toward brand names having an honest, straightforward, and even humble quality, in Truth is Stronger Than Fiction.

Another way of saying it might be: naming is going back to the basics. I recently came across a good example in Vista, California, a great pizza place called Urbn Pizza, and another in San Diego, called Basic Pizza

OK by me for the naming pendulum to swing back a bit, so long as the names suggest instead of describe. Both of these examples are probably inherently distinctive and suggestive marks, even if barely so, do you agree?

My favorite example of a great local pizza place and name is Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza, located in the North Loop District of Minneapolis.  Black Sheep takes its pizza back to the basics while resisting the naming pendulum swing observed by Anth, settling with an uncommon and arbitrary name.