My family vacation and road trip through the heartland this past week has yielded a few photos for discussion. For example, here is a captured pair of non-verbal logos that can stand alone, without the need for any words.

As you may recall, one of my previous blog posts (April 9, 2009) discussed non-verbal logos that can stand alone, and one that can’t. There, I asked the question: “Don’t brand owners need to ‘name’ their non-verbal logos, especially those that ‘stand alone,’ otherwise how can anyone spread the word, so to speak?” Like, Nike’s “Swoosh,” and McDonald’s “Golden Arches.” Well, a couple of weeks later, the LogoBlog asked a similar question, “Do Logos Need Words to Market Themselves?

What do you think? How important are names and words when it comes to brands?

You might say the photographed logos shown above are without words, but the famous brands they represent certainly are not speechless. They stand for, represent and say a lot, in fact, without any text or words.

Having said that, logos with text and words can stand for, represent and say a lot too:

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So, it got me thinking, which format is better from a marketing perspective? Your thoughts?

Just so you know, later this week, I’ll take a crack at the pros and cons from a legal perspective.