—Aaron Keller, Capsule

How do you feel when you’re being a bit indulgent? Guilty, perhaps. Sometimes it’s just something small, something you can enjoy without too much of an afterthought. The whipped cream atop your favorite coffee house (low fat) drink might be one of those treats. It is for me.

But recently I’ve noticed a few of my frequent locations have started to ask me “with whip?” How do you feel when someone calls out your small guilty pleasure? And then the place that asks four times before you actually get your drink, and then announces it to the entire coffee house when it actually arrives on the counter.

At Capsule, we design experiences. This is an experience I’d like to suggest some fixes for. One: when I don’t order my mocha low fat, always assume I want whip. That’s easy. Two: for my low fat ironic orders, repeat my order back to me and add the whip if I don’t specify it, so all I have to do is say yes. Then, when announcing that my steamy, delicious drink is ready, use my name if you wish, but keep the drink shout out as simple as possible. I’ll feel less guilty, and you’ll have a more loyal consumer: even trade.

There are many moments for a brand to make a memorable impression. The coffee houses who let customers indulge (in small ways) without making us feel guilty will get more visits.

So, whip me please, and make it a good one. Don’t ask me twice.