Obi-Wan Kenobi, Chuck Norris, and a Walleye Sandwich have what in common?

Well, each of the three are called to mind in Rapala’s 2020 billboard ad campaign.

If you’ve been with us since the beginning, more than eleven years ago now, you’ll appreciate that we look forward to seeing Rapala’s creativity each year.

And, by the way, what is your all-time favorite from the annual Rapala line up that we’ve been covering for a dozen seasons now (minus 2019, given my move)?

Rapala’s “More Hits Than Google” Billboard Update (Photo Included) (2009)

Good Bye Google, Hello Whudjagiddumon? (2010)

Rapala Taunts a Monster? (2011)

Rapala: Happy Fishing on Mother’s Day (2012)

Rapala Billboard Ads Continue to Engage (2013)

Eat More Walleye? (2014)

Top Ten Questions About Rapala Minnocchio (2015)

I Get It, Rapala Will Fill Up Your Fish Cooler! (2016)

Rapala’s Public Service Announcement? (2017)

Rapala’s 2018 Fishing Opener Billboard Ads (2018)

OK, I’ll go first. My personal favorite, looking back is: More Hits Than Google. The blogpost I enjoyed writing most was: Good Bye Google, Hello Whudjagiddumon?

My vote for lost creative opportunity of the decade, circa 2014: Eat More Walleye.

Given the 2020 collection shown above, if you were Chuck Norris, WWCND? That is, What Would Chuck Norris Do? Yes, it’s actually a registered trademark.